A busy day involving 2 floating markets and a train market !!!

First up was the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market which is a couple of hours outside of Bangkok. Although we have visited this market before on a previous trip to Thailand, we enjoyed it so much the first time we decided to return, and we weren’t disappointed. A long-tail boat ride through the narrow canals brings you to the market where you are greeted with a mixture of sounds and wonderful smells.

The next stop was the Maeklong Train market, a market that is actually built on top of the tracks of an active railway. So every time a train comes along there is a frenzy of activity where the traders pull all their goods and sunshades back away from the tracks while the train passes and everything returns to normal once it has left the station.

Our final activity was to the Amphawa floating market. This was unbelievably busy as it was a public holiday weekend and its popular with locals as well as tourists. Fighting through the crowds to get over the bridge to the other side took around 10 mins !! But well worth it to experience the whole market.

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